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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Catching the Sun (excerpt)

Author: Annette O. Brown
Date: December 24, 2016

I woke up early this morning.....the Sun was not up yet.  After opening the Bible to read and receive a word and then meditating on the scriptures, I was inspired ....."I'm going to get a picture of the Sun rising" I thought.

I put on some outdoor clothes, adjusted my hair and grabbed one of Mum's hats.  "Dad I'm gonna take some pictures of the sunrise."  I called out as I made my move quickly for an exit.

Outside the dew had kissed the ground.  White flowers in the manicured lawns looked like the freshly fallen manna I just read about in Exodus.  I just started walking, looking forward into the sky.  I saw streaks of sunlight and moved in the direction I sensed I would see the actual Sun.  

I walked swiftly around the corner, however, the view was blocked by the carefully placed homes opposite Carr Circle and along Palm Bay Road.  "I'll have to cross the street and turn down the next block".  I thought to myself.  I was getting a "better view", however, I was still only seeing the effects of the Sun on its way up.  More bright rays colored the sky.  "Wow, I need to walk further than I thought"....I decided to go back for the car.....

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